Apartment cleaning in London - Instant Clean

The company “Instant Clean” provides cleaning services for apartments in London. We will fulfill any whims of the customer, clean the windows clean, eliminate unpleasant odors, do a general cleaning in the apartment. And at the same time, all the work is done quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable price!

In addition to high quality, due to the qualifications of our employees, as well as the availability of professional equipment and chemistry, we provide you with a guarantee for cleaning the apartment, a low price and a pleasant discount for long-term cooperation.

Do not waste time cleaning – spend it on yourself. Cleaning the apartment by the cleaning company “Instant Clean” is the right choice.

Our main cleaning services

Cleaning agency in London

Express cleaning – this type is designed for those who are in a hurry and who need to bring surface cleanliness in the room, but not ideal.

General cleaning is the most thorough type of cleaning for the most demanding customers.

Cleaning after repair – complete removal of fine building dust from various surfaces, wet cleaning and removal of building pollution (cement, paint, glue, plastic etc.).

Hypoallergenic cleaning – due to environmental degradation, more and more people suffer from allergies or respiratory diseases. For this type of use only hypoallergenic cleaners. Also this type of cleaning is suitable for young mothers who are ready to be discharged from the hospital.

Periodic cleaning – this type implies assignment to the client of a cleaner, who will, according to a certain schedule, bring cleanliness to his house.

Our advantages

Professional cleaning company

European cleaning products – we use only the best European manufacturers Pramol, SCHNELL, etc. for cleaning your apartment. All products are highly effective and absolutely safe for you, your children and pets.

Qualified staff – cleaning the apartment is done by polite, decent, and most importantly – by trained professionals. Our masters are ready to fulfill any of your requests – the main thing is that you are satisfied. You can easily leave them in your home without worrying about anything.

Choose a time convenient for you – by calling us in advance, you can choose a time convenient for you. If you need cleaning on the same day, we always have an emergency response team. If you have limited time, you can divide the cleaning for several days or we will send you extra strength.

Acceptable cost House cleaning services in London at the best price! Price, pre-negotiated by phone and in the process of cleaning does not increase. In addition, we provide discounts for you and your friends. Payment is made at the end of the work, when you are completely satisfied with the result.