Carpet cleaning in the hotel - Instant Clean

One of the main and important components of hotel design are textile coatings. More than half of all floors of any hotel are covered with carpets. This includes the corridors, and most of the rooms, sometimes restaurants, and in some hotels and the reception. Materials of different composition, quality and degree of wear resistance are used. In addition, in different areas is not the same cross, therefore, different degrees of contamination. But the most important feature of caring for a hotel carpet is that a very limited time is allotted for cleaning, since it is impossible to block corridors, halls and staircases for a long time, and it is not customary to carry out general carpet cleaning in the presence of residents, even in the most backward hotels.

Cleaning natural carpets
Carpet cleaning in the hotel

Cleaning natural carpets

When cleaning natural carpets and carpets with high pile, you can enhance the effect of the vacuum cleaner with a special turbo or electric brush. This device allows you to comb and at the same time knock out the coating with the help of a special rotating from the suction force or from the action of an independent motor brush. Naturally, the cleaning ability of such a vacuum cleaner is greatly enhanced.

Knapsack vacuum cleaners

It should be noted, and this type of vacuum cleaners, as a knapsack. He has no equal when cleaning the stairs, conference rooms with a large number of stationary places, bars and restaurants, etc. And for very common, now, small hotels with 20-40 rooms located on several floors, with a large number of stairs and the lack of outbuildings – a backpack vacuum cleaner is simply irreplaceable. In addition, some manufacturers such a device can be equipped with a turbo brush.