Cleaning Service in Wallington - Instant Clean

Apartment cleaning services in Wallington are often ordered from our company. For more than ten years of work in the city of London, we have established ourselves as responsible performers, always guaranteeing high-quality performance of the tasks set. The range of our services is wide and cleaning of premises in this list is one of the most popular.

Time is the most valuable resource in our life and should we spend it on such a difficult and uninteresting activity as cleaning? Professional cleaning of apartments in our company is inexpensive and you can always find options that suit both your aesthetic taste and wallet.

Wellington Cleaning Service

We perform:

  • General cleaning – full cleaning of private apartments from dust and debris: washing and disinfecting all rooms (including furniture, radiators and other places that are difficult to reach);
  • Daily or maintenance cleaning – regular cleanliness in the room: washing floors, wiping dust, wiping windows and mirrors, tidying up plumbing;
  • Express cleaning (quick cleaning) – prompt restoring order in the apartment on the eve of the visit of important guests or after their departure;
  • Eco-cleaning – a great option for the elderly, pregnant, living with small children, as well as containing pets. For such cleaning, special sparing cleaning products are used, which do not harm the fragile or weakened body;
  • Comprehensive cleaning – choose from the list of services exactly what you need.

End Of tenancy Cleaning Wallington

Professional cleaning is a complex of works aimed at restoring perfect order in the premises entrusted to us. As a rule, it includes:

  • Vacuum and clean floors, baseboards, clean the flooring;
  • To clean walls from dust, dirt, cobwebs, etc.;
  • Wash windows, windowsills;
  • Wash mirrors and various glass surfaces in the house;
  • Clean the doors and door units;
  • Wash and sanitize the toilet, bathroom, kitchen, hallway;
  • To wipe dust from furniture and other interior items.

At the request of the customer, this list expands almost limitlessly.