Dry cleaning curtains and tulle - Instant Clean

Professional dry cleaning of curtains and tulle in London 24 hours 7 days a week. Safe chemistry and high-quality cleaning services by staff with experience of more than 3 years.

Curtains are the element of any interior that is one of the first to be contaminated, and at the same time, they attract considerable attention. Therefore, it is worth paying considerable attention to the cleanliness of your curtains.

Cleaning curtains in London

Fat stains, fingerprints, dust and dirt – all this is far from uncommon, and dry cleaning of curtains in London can easily cope with all this. The fact is that in our company cleaning and washing of curtains is carried out using special chemicals, after which any stains will be removed as quickly and efficiently as possible. But we do not forget about the safety of our customers, so all the mixtures used are absolutely safe for your health.

Another feature of our curtain cleaning lies in the high professionalism of our employees, who have special skills and considerable experience in the field of curtain cleaning. Our staff will never ruin your curtains or tulle during cleaning, as materials are pre-tested. And if necessary, we can provide services for dry cleaning curtains at home, although in this case, the cleaning process will be more difficult.

Even if you don’t use curtains, but purchased window blinds on windows, you also had to face the fact that blinds, though they are more resistant to contamination, still tend to become dusty and dirty. That is why our professional cleaning company is also engaged in dry cleaning blinds, regardless of shape and size.

And if you need urgent services of dry-cleaning curtains, tulle or blinds, then we are ready to come at any time to carry out all the necessary services and return to your things a great look.