Dry powder carpet cleaning - Instant Clean

The most suitable carpet cleaning method for the hotel industry is dry powder cleaning. Using a sprayer, apply a small amount of a universal stain remover to the surface to be cleaned. After that, a special absorbent powder is disintegrated, which is a micro-sponge with a large absorbing capacity. After a few minutes, the surface is treated with a roller machine. Ideally, a special apparatus is used with two vibrating roller brushes rotating towards each other.

Dry powder carpet cleaning

We can use a vacuum cleaner with a turbo brush, but the efficiency will be lower, since the suction takes place faster than the brushes have time to work well. After processing the surface of the machine, the remnants of the powder that has absorbed the dirt are collected with a conventional vacuum cleaner. Very simple to use, even a maid can easily clean both the room and the large corridor. Wet carpet is minimal, you can walk on the cleaned surface immediately after the work is completed and even during the procedure itself. There are no detergents left in the carpet, to which dirt adheres faster, therefore, after applying this technology, the treated surface remains clean longer. The somewhat high cost of the equipment and preparations used pays off with simplicity, convenience and efficiency of use.

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