Foam Carpet Cleaning - Instant Clean

The most effective and cheapest method is foam processing with a single-disk polisher (shampooing). The prepared solution of carpet shampoo is applied to the cleaned surface using a spray or directly from the floor of the tank. After that, in a circular motion with a single-disk machine (using a special carpet brush or white pad), we rub the cleaning solution into the carpet. Immediately after this, we collect the whipped foam and suck the moisture as much as possible with a vacuum cleaner to collect the liquid. Naturally, the more powerful the dust and water pump is, the less time is needed to dry the surface. But in any case, at least 12 hours on the cleaned carpet is FORBIDDEN to walk. After complete drying, the surface should be thoroughly vacuumed with a dry vacuum cleaner.

Foam Carpet Cleaning London

This carpet cleaning method is the most effective for eliminating very strong pollution and the most economical in terms of the consumption of detergents. But for the successful application of this technology, a prerequisite is the presence of a well-trained specialist. The management of a single-disk machine is a rather specific matter, especially in the conditions of narrow corridors and small rooms. In addition, in order to obtain better quality, it is desirable to perform the absorption of dirty foam immediately after cleaning, therefore, for the speed of this operation, we will need two people: a floor polisher and a water heat pump.

Consequently, on the one hand, this method saves money due to the small consumption of detergents, and the equipment itself costs a bit less compared to other methods. But on the other hand, more specially trained service personnel are needed, the cleaning procedure itself is somewhat longer in time, and a prerequisite is long-term complete drying of the cleaned surface. Consequently, in order to do a general cleaning on one floor, it is necessary to block it on the day. What is extremely difficult to do in small hotels or in hotels with year-round full load.