Karcher combines compactness and handling in a new machine - Instant Clean

The compact and lightweight scrubber machine BR 45/22 C Bp Pack gives you complete freedom when cleaning in small spaces filled in and takes very little time to recharge.

When trying to automate cleaning in stores and hotels, restaurants and beauty salons, industrial facilities and hospitals, the same problem often arises – narrow spaces. Massive overall equipment does not allow to drive up close to the wall or turn around in a small area, which affects the quality of cleaning. The novelty BR 45/22 C Bp Pack effectively copes with similar tasks and gives a completely new driving experience like a steering wheel of a car.

Alexander Doroshenkov, Head of the Professional Equipment Management Department at Kärcher, told the secret in integrated pre-sweeping, which contributes to the optimal operation of the suction beam and the KART brush unit technology, which has a turning angle of 200 degrees and allows you to move away from the walls at right angles. At the same time, a brush with a working width of 450 mm, a rotational speed of 750-1050 rpm and a pressing pressure of 150 g / sq. cm is always located strictly in the direction of motion. Cleaning and collecting water are also available when reversing.

“The new product effectively sweeps, washes and vacuums in one cycle. This design provides maximum performance up to 1800 sq / h (for comparison: this is 30% more than the BR 35/12 C), – Alexander Doroshenkov. “Thanks to the roller brush unit, high efficiency is achieved on rough floor coverings and when cleaning in crevices, and the impressive pressure of the brush on the cleaned surface helps the machine to cope with persistent dirt. In addition, this car washer is quick and easy to drain a dirty solution from a 22-liter tank through a drain hose. ”

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The model is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a long service life. It is three times larger than that of a standard lead battery, and it is guaranteed to last for the entire time of using the equipment. Such a battery is not discharged in the off state and does not require any maintenance. According to Alexander, it takes up to 4.5 hours to fully charge an unremovable battery, half to 1 hour. Without recharging the device can work 2 hours. In this case, intermediate charges are possible at any time. Thus, the machine can go on line several times per shift.

“Using the eco-friendly eco-efficiency mode can further increase operating time and reduce working noise by about 40%,” added Kärcher’s head of product management at Professional Equipment.

Another advantage of the model is the ease of handling and transportation: very light (55 kg, which is 40% lighter than the B 40 W), equipped with large wheels that ensure smooth movement on steps and descents, and has a fully foldable handle.

An optional HEPA filter (optional) filters waste air from dirty water, which allows clinics to use the BR 45/22 C Bp Pack in places that are particularly sensitive to hygiene.