New wet and dry vacuum cleaners - Instant Clean

New models of professional vacuum cleaners NT 30/1 Ap L, NT 30/1 Ap Te L and NT40 / 1 Ap L for wet and dry cleaning with a semi-automatic filter cleaning system – Ap, feature a new set of improved accessories, increased suction power and ease of operation. Due to their compactness and light weight, they are also great for mobile use.

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The improved semi-automatic filter cleaning system Ap is activated by simply pressing a button located in front of the turbine head. When it is pressed, the solenoid valve is triggered and the air flow changes direction, so that a powerful air pulse shakes off adhering dirt from the surface of the filter. When the filter is cleaned – the suction power increases, which guarantees perfect cleaning results. In this case, you no longer need to spend time on cleaning the filter manually, since this process is automated, and for greater convenience, the cleaning button is located in front.

All three models are certified for dust class L and are absolutely safe for health. The filtration rate is 99% according to EN 60335-2-69. Model NT 30/1 Ap Te L is additionally equipped with a socket for connecting power tools.

Large diameter suction hoses of 35 mm allow more air flow and reduce the risk of blockage. The hose connects easily and securely using a bayonet connector, which increases the strength of the connection and, consequently, the suction power. The handle of the hose with a rubberized pad has become even more ergonomic and comfortable, which will allow less fatigue during cleaning.

The upper part of the vacuum cleaner is equipped with holders for accessories, and can also be used as a place to store tools. Large locks, with which the garbage can is attached to the body, open and close without much effort.

New Karcher vacuum cleaners are suitable for professional cleaning companies for cleaning large areas, shopping pavilions and exhibition halls.