Professional Carpet cleaning in London - Instant Clean

Professional carpet cleaning is a deep double-sided cleaning and washing of carpets using specialized equipment and high-quality detergents. The use of modern technologies allows removing dirt not only from the surface of the carpet, but also from the base itself. Specially equipped industrial workshop ensures compliance with all stages of cleaning. First, the carpet is covered with a specialized solution of detergents that contain active particles of deep penetration. Thus, dust and deep contaminants are pushed out, which makes it easy to remove any, even old stains and dust accumulated over the years. Then, machine cleaning of the carpet is performed using deep penetration brushes.

Professional Carpet cleaning in London

Deep carpet cleaning in London with the help of modern equipment allows you to remove all sorts of dirt, stubborn stains and dust from hard-to-reach carpet layers. But most importantly, in the process of professional cleaning, you can completely remove unpleasant odours that do not in the best way affect the overall atmosphere of the house. To remove unpleasant odours and dirt on the carpet should contact the professionals. The responsible company uses only high-quality detergents that do not contain allergens and harmful chemicals. Washing the carpet will be as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible only if you follow the specialized technology and use environmentally friendly materials. Thus, having addressed in professional cleaning of carpets, you can fearlessly place a carpet in the room of your child, or in the house where there are allergic persons. After cleaning your carpet will smell sweet. The immaculately clean carpet will bring freshness and bright colours of purity into the house!

Professional Carpet Cleaning London

Professional carpet cleaning technology

  1. The carpet is knocked out from the inside, i.e. the process of knocking out by a specialized apparatus does not take place on a pile (knocking out only surface dust), but on a base (substrate) on a lattice surface, which leads to the extraction of the maximum amount of dirt from the carpet.
  2. A brush vacuum collects dust residues, hair and pet hair.
  3. The carpet is pre-treated with detergent solution (soaking for 5-10 minutes).
  4. With the supply of the washing solution, a mechanical action is carried out with a large rotating brush (single-disk machine).
  5. Rinsing and simultaneous suction of the washing solution by the extractor machine.
  6. Inspection of the product by a specialist for remaining stained spots and their removal.
  7. Final rinsing.
  8. Combing the pile.
  9. Drying in a drying chamber at a constant temperature and humidity.
  10. Packaging of the product for further transportation to the client.