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Carpet is a floor covering that is quite often used in public institutions, offices, apartments and private houses. In our article we will discuss how to properly care for him and how you can remove complex stains if they appear.

Proper care and timely carpet cleaning in London, will provide him with a long service life, regardless of the material, what quality it is made.

Removing carpet's stains London

Removing carpet’s stains

Various stains that appear when using carpet flooring look very non-aesthetic. Use our tips on their breeding at home:

  1. To remove the stains of coffee, chocolate, natural juices and tea, prepare the following composition: mix 2/3 of the alcohol and 1/3 of the vinegar.
  2. Spots from human waste products are first treated with a 50% solution of vinegar, and then thoroughly washed with water.
  3. Spots from eggs and blood are quite difficult to remove. They should be soaked with alkaline soapy water (alkali 10%), and then washed with a solution of 10% vinegar.
  4. Contaminants from paint, liquid lacquers, tar, ballpoint pen paste, as well as greasy stains of chemical origin are removed with the help of a cloth previously moistened in a solution of alcohol and turpentine, then all is washed off with water.
  5. To remove the chewing gum, use a special freezing agent, and then chop the resulting mass into small pieces, to fix the result obtained, wash the stain with a solvent containing chlorine, and at the end with clean water.
  6. Wax stains are drawn through the iron. Put blotting paper on top of the stain and iron it with a hot iron. Then washed with chlorine-containing solvent, and at the end with simple water.
  7. Ink stains are first soaked with water, then with a soap-alkaline solution, and then with a solution of 50% vinegar. If necessary, use a special rust remover and wash everything off with water.

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