Upholstery Cleaning London

Upholstery cleaning

Household furniture such as sofas and dining chairs can be costly. Maintaining them with regular upholstery cleaning can prolongs their lifespan and make them more comforting for everyday family use.

Instant clean is operated by experienced cleaning staff with hands on knowledge of dealing with delicate home furnishings. Our method of choice for washing sofas and mattresses is the renowned HWE or Hot Water Extraction cleaning. HWE cleaning is proven to provide excellent cleaning results. The machine of choice is the Prochem all-purpose

upholstery cleaner

. It uses very powerful fluid suction/extraction technology to ensure treated fabrics are left almost completely dry straight out of cleaning. Get in touch to find out more about

upholstery cleaning

in London.

How Professional Upholstery Cleaning Works

Upholstery cleaners work in a similar way to carpet cleaners, in the sense that the same procedures are followed. The three-step method bellow involves Vacuuming, soaking, and extraction/suction:

  • Thoroughly vacuum clean the upholstery. This ensures loose dust, dirt and food particles are vacuumed out, in preparation for stage two of the three step process.
  • Use upholstery hand tools, especially designed to concentrate the cleaning power of the machine on to small areas on the target material. This guarantees thorough cleansing for best results. Ideally use powerful Prochem extraction detergents which are safe for domestic home cleaning use. This method uses simultaneous wash and vacuum extraction.
Upholstery cleaner

Home upholstery Cleaning with Instant Clean

  1. The professional upholstery cleaner inspect the fabric to determine the type of material and the ideal detergent to use and whether to use steam cleaning or hot-water-extraction.
  2. Stains identification and pre-treatment
  3. Heated fluid mixed with upholstery cleaning product is injected into the material, brushed over and then extracted back out along with dislodged dirt and grime.

We specialise in cleaning Sofas, Mattresses, Dining Chairs and office chairs using eco-friendly cleaning products.

  • One-off Quote per job, not per hour
  • GUARANTEED Next-Day Upholstery Cleaning in London
  • Special attention paid to heavy traffic areas, stains and odour removal

To book professional upholstery cleaners simply Call us on 0203 633 6118 or contact us via our online quote form.


Q. How long does drying take after upholstery cleaning?

Depending on the type and dimensions of a fabric, it takes between three to six hours for most materials to dry fully after the completion of the upholstery cleaning service.

Q. How long does drying take after cleaning my upholstery?

Depending on the type and dimensions of a fabric, it takes between three to six hours for most materials to dry fully after the colmpletion of the upholstery cleaning service.

Q. Are you insured in case of damage to my prperty during upholstery cleaning?

Yes. We employ trained upholstery cleaners experienced in dealing with delicate fabrics. However, if anything is damaged you will be compensated.

Q. Are the chemicals you use during upholstery cleaning, safe for domestic home use?

Yes, our upholstery cleaning service uses eco-friendly products that are completely safe for use inside the home. To book an upholstery cleaner call us.

Q. Am I responsible for parking fee?

Where possible upholstery cleaner will look for free parking within reasonable distance from your property. If we are unable to, we request that you cover the charge. The same is requested for customers located within the London congestion Zone.

Q. How do I pay for the service?

Payment can be made directly to the upholstery cleaner in cash, through bank transfer via our secure online booking portal.

Q. What Areas do you serve?

We provide professional upholstery cleaning services in London and the surrounding counties of Croydon, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Reading, Guildford and many more areas.