Please note that a minimum call out charge of £60 applies. You minimum carpet cleaning order must be £50.

Deep Carpet CleaningPrices
Single Bedroom£25
Double Bedroom£29
Lounge / Living room£29
Dining Room£25
Staircase + Landing£20
Carpet Cleaning PackagePrices
Full Studio Flat£65
1 Bedroom Flat£80
2 Bedroom Flat£100
3 Bedroom Flat£115
4 Bedroom Flat£130

The three steps to our professional Carpet cleaning:

Carpet cleaning

Instant Clean

professional carpet cleaning in London

is run by technicians with hands on experience in all aspects of domestic

carpet cleaning

. They turn up at appointments equipped with detergents, carpet cleaning tools and high-quality machinery will visit your home at the appointed time, to inspect the fabric type and decide what products and techniques will achieve best results. It’s a matter of one, two and three:

  1. Thorough Vacuum cleaning all surfaces and corners where most materials tend to accumulate – thus removing the top layer of dust and dirt so that that the carpet cleaner can focus on the deep layers of dust and grime,
  2. Scout the surface to remove any hard-set lumps of dirt and other materials that may have collected over time. Deep stains will be treated with a pre-conditioning stain-remover solution prior to washing,
  1. Drive the carpet cleaning machine filled with Eco-friendly specialized detergent over the surface. This will feed hot steam into the carpet and allow the twin dual rotating brushes to groom the surface dissolving and breaking up dirt particles for removal into the waste tank. This process will be repeated multiple times, leaving the carpet looking and feeling visibly cleaner.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in London:

Steam carpet Cleaning is ideal for use on hard Carpets and rugs and mats. Steam cleaning effectively uses heat treatment as a way to remove grime and heavy stains instead of using large amounts of potentially damaging and hazardous detergents to do the same job.  Simply search

carpet cleaning service near me

, to locate local carpet cleaners approved by Instant Clean. Our products remove over 99% of stains and are completely safe for indoor home cleaning.

Carpet cleaning service near me

Specialist Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning:

Professional Carpet cleaning

Highly commended by manufactures and professional cleaners, hot water extraction carpet cleaning combines high-heat water with powerful carpet cleaning detergents. In short, the process involves spraying the intended carpet surface with the cleaning mixture and then simultaneously vacuuming it back up along with dissolved and dislodged dirt particles.

Carpet cleaners use powerful suction tools to make sure as much as fluid as possible is extracted out of the fabric. this will half the standard drying time to about three hours. A pH balancing neutralizer will then be applied to condition and soften the carpet fibres, leaving it looking and smelling fresh.

Once the professional carpet cleaning in London is completed, you will be advised to leave windows and doors open to allow good ventilation. Rapid full drying of the material, typically takes between 2 to 4 hours.

Why Go With Instant Clean?

Our specialist end of tenancy cleaners aim to make every customer happy, through our unbeatable combination of first-class service and excellent value for your money. We clean all types or rungs including Persian, Chinese, Turkish and Afghan regardless where in the house they may be in use.

The goal of every carpet cleaner should be the delivery of a first-class service, and we are no exception to that. Call our friendly customer care team form more on other services including save and combine packages such as deep oven cleaningupholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning. Call instant clean to book your same-day professional carpet cleaning in London.

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Q: How does your carpet cleaning work?

We use hot water extraction, and steam carpet cleaning, to treat both carpets and rugs.  Hot water extraction combines effective eco-friendly carpet cleaning detergents mixed with hot water which is then ejected out of the machine and fed into the carpet and agitated for maximum reaction. The extract is then simultaneously vacuumed out of the carpet along with any dislodged dirt and grime. This carpet cleaner repeats the process twice to ensure maximum cleaning. The suction process can suck over 90% of the initial liquid fed into the carpet enabling time-reduced drying.

Q. Do you work during weekends?

We work 7 days a week and during most public holidays.

Q: How long does it usually take for carpets and rugs to fully dry after steam cleaning?

Drying time depends on the type of material the carpet is made off. With reasonable ventilation, most carpets will take between three to five hours to completely dry. To prevent re-soiling of any newly-cleaned carpet please avoid walking it until it is fully dry.

Q. My property is furnished; do you move furniture in order to get full access to carpets?

Professional carpet cleaning services are usually undertaken by one technician, so they are only able to move light furniture, so long as its safe to do so. If further shifting is required, we must be informed in advance.

Q. Which treatment is better, hot-water extraction, steam or dry carpet cleaning?

Both carpet cleaning methods are good. Which to use and where to use depends purely on whether it’s a carpet or rug, and the type of fabric the material is made of. Steam carpet cleaning is idea for washing grimy rugs, mats and carpets, whereas hot water extraction carpet cleaning is more suited to materials in heavy use as it is very effective at removing bad odours and deep-settled stains. Dry carpet cleaning is used on delicate materials and rugs that may lose colour and texture on contact with water.

Q. Is your company insured and are your appointment times reliable?

Yes! All our staff are vetted and have undergone on the job professional training. Whilst traffic in London can be unpredictable at times, we try our best to be punctual and give customers advance warning in case of delays.

Q. Is there a minimum call out fee?

Professional carpet cleaning in London has a £60 minimum call out fee. 

Q. Would it be possible to book professional carpet cleaning in London if I am away from my property?

Yes, we can clean your carpets while you are away, but key pick-up must be arranged in advance. The carpet cleaning service can be booked for online via direct bank transfer upon booking.

Q. What carpet cleaning products do you use?

We always opt for eco-friendly cleaning products that are entirely safe for domestic use.

Q. Do you use stain protection products protection on carpets and are they safe to use?

After the completion of the professional carpet cleaning service, we apply a high-quality fibre stain repellent that is proven to visibly sustain the cleanliness of your carpet, as it does with communal areas covered in textile flooring. The product is eco-friendly and safe to use.

Q. Is a deposit required to book your carpet cleaning service?

For professional carpet cleaning in London we don’t require a deposit. Payment can be made to the carpet cleaner directly on the day. Advance payment is only required when intending to pay via card.

Q. Will there be any additional fees for parking or the congestion charges if my property is located in the zone?

Parking is the only thing that may require an extra expense for your carpet cleaning service. Our carpet cleaner will always try to find a parking spot free of charge when they arrive. If there is none available, you will be required to cover the cost of the parking fee. Furthermore, if your home is in the Congestion Charge zone, you will be asked to cover this fee also. To avoid this fee, please book your carpet cleaning service at the weekend, bank holiday, or outside of the London Congestion charge operating time.

Q. I want to hire a carpet cleaning service near me for regualr cleaning. What areas do you offer you carpet cleaning service in?

Our coverage includes central London, greater London and all surrounding areas. If Instant Clean shows up on your google search as “carpet cleaning service near me”, then we service your locality.