Carpet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner - Instant Clean

Our cleaning company removes stains and stains deeply ingrained in the carpet. A well-made cleaning with a vacuum cleaner almost replaces carpet washing.

We use a washing vacuum cleaner only for waterproof carpets laid using special waterproof materials.

Vacuum carpet cleaner
  1. Preparatory work
    Initially, we check the quality of laying carpet. We test dyes for durability, for this we moisten a white napkin with detergent and wipe the carpet in an inconspicuous place, the napkin should not be stained. Thoroughly vacuuming the carpet.
  2. Preparing a soap solution
    First pour water, then add detergent concentrate for deep cleaning in the right amount, depending on the area of ​​the carpet.
  3. Preparing the device for work
    We fill in the prepared solution in the corresponding tank of the washing vacuum cleaner. If the carpet is treated with shampoo, add a little defoamer to the dirty water tank.
  4. Carpet cleaning
    We start the cleaning from the corner of the room farthest from the door, we treat the carpet with parallel overlaps with overlap, gradually approaching the door. For high-quality cleaning of the coating, we remove the remnants of the cleaning agent during the second pass, using clean, warm water instead of the solution.
  5. Reducing residual moisture
    To speed up the drying of the carpet, we once again clean the carpet with a washing vacuum cleaner without supplying cleaning solution or install an indoor convector for a while.

You can use your carpet immediately after cleaning.