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In this article, the experts of the Cleaning agency in London will give useful advice on the care and professional cleaning of the floor.

Laminate properties

In the high-quality laminate flooring, which, in fact, is pressed plates, there are four main layers:

  • surface wear-resistant coating that protects the laminate during walking or pollution;
  • a film with a decorative pattern printed on it;
  • fibrous or chip wood base (MDF, fiberboard or particleboard);
  • a substrate of moisture-resistant material that prevents the destruction of wood released from concrete or condensed moisture.

Due to this layered structure, the laminate is able to maintain a fresh appearance and insulation performance for 20 years or more, but only with regular care. The first step to the proper care of the laminate flooring is to maintain an optimal microclimate: temperatures of about 20 degrees with a relative humidity of 55-60%. When caring for laminate flooring, it is necessary to firmly remember that the wood flooring, despite the protective layers, is afraid of moisture and strong contamination: traces of shoe polish, wax stains or glue.

Professional floor cleaning in London

Professional floor cleaning

Laminate: cleaning and care For daily cleaning, a regular vacuum cleaner, brushes and special kits will be enough, but once a week you should resort to using a damp, well-wrung cloth. It is best to remove stains with special cleaning liquids or pastes. In order not to damage the decorative film, the solution must first be applied to the cloth and not to the laminate itself. You can also resort to using ordinary liquid soap, diluted with warm water. When applied to a clean, light-colored fabric, it can cope with many food stains, including sauces, wine, and tomato paste.

It is strictly forbidden to use aggressive or, as they are often called, universal detergents, powders with an abrasive component or alkali, as well as metal sponges that can scratch the surface protective layer. Never use vacuum cleaners with a steam cleaning system. Hot steam will easily break the structure of the wear-resistant coating and damage the decorative film. After that, it will be impossible to restore the laminate flooring.

Be careful!

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Laminate: cleaning and care It is not necessary to use various mastics, as well as products, which include wax and silicone. Of course, they will not be able to damage the structure, but major divorces will most likely leave. To remove similar traces, and also stearin, which is often used in everyday life, is most conveniently a plastic scraper. Spots from candle wax or chewing gum should be pre-hardened, for example, by applying a piece of ice. After working with a scraper, laminate flooring should be wiped with a wrung cloth.

If the laminate flooring is still damaged, the damage can be reduced with a special paste suitable for the color scheme. It will hide small scratches and restore the wear resistance of the damaged area. Thus, care for laminate flooring requires responsibility and financial investments, but know that the effort and money spent will result in flooring that does not age over time. You can order a professional move out cleaning of your apartment, call 02036336118