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Every London housewife should know how to properly clean the upholstery from stains. The professionals of our company are happy to give you some practical advice.

Removal of local dirt from textile coatings. If a stain is found, act quickly, but intelligently and without fuss. First, remove the excess spilled (spilled) substance.

Collect dry dirt with a vacuum cleaner (so as not to smear or rub), prisyushkuyu – carefully “shake” the spatula, and, for lack thereof, just the back (unsharp) side of a knife or spoon.

Fresh (still wet) stains from spilled liquids – blot with a textile or paper napkin.

If the origin of the stain is unknown, try to figure out how to dissolve it. Starting with a solvent (least dangerous for the coating material) called water.

Upholstery cleaning

Blot the stain with moistened water (preferably white) with a napkin. The napkin was painted – it means we continue to act with water. Not stained – then in this case water is indispensable and it is necessary to resort to the help of a stain remover.

If a stain remover is first used for a given coating, then it is useful to make sure that the dyes of the coating material are durable. Dip a clean white cloth into the stain remover and rub the carpet in an inconspicuous place (in the corner behind the door, under the cabinet). If the napkin is not dyed and the fabric of the treated place has not changed its color, then the stain remover can be used fearlessly.

To avoid the formation of a clear border, first moisten the “ring” around the stain.

Spray stain remover on the cloth and gently moisten the stain. Have patience, let the tool act! Try to blot the stain, and not rub (in particular this applies to velor carpets). If you can not do without a mechanical impact, use a sponge or soft brush. Do not feel sorry for the napkin, often change its wetted area to clean.

After the napkin stops dyeing (stain is removed), blot off excess product with a dry cloth.

Upholstery cleaning in London

To remove cleaning agent residues (contributing to re-contamination), it is advisable to wash the treated area with clean water (preferably warm).

Dry the treated area with a soak.

Equate the appearance of the treated area with the rest of the coating, lift the pile with a vacuum cleaner or a special brush. A washing vacuum cleaner with a furniture (manual) attachment will help to remove the substance that has penetrated deep into the carpet.

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