WVP 10 Adv vacuum cleaner - Instant Clean

House cleaning services in London

WVP 10 Adv vacuum cleaner is used by us as a window vacuum cleaner or for cleaning tiles, mirrors, shop windows, counters or any other smooth surfaces – any task is within its power. The decisive factor is that in any situation you are provided with an excellent cleaning result. In addition, the device is equipped with a more powerful electric motor (compared to the consumer version) and is designed for professional operating loads. The battery-powered, lightweight and reliable machine features well-thought-out details, such as a 200 ml dirty water tank, which is easily and quickly emptied and dishwasher-safe, as well as with adjustment rollers for cleaning against the edges.

Lightweight, ergonomic and versatile

Suitable for collecting liquid from any smooth surface, horizontally, vertically, or even upside down. Convenient to use and easy to maintain. Safe position in the hand thanks to the rubber pad.

Removable and replaceable battery

Allows you to charge a removable battery and at the same time work on the second battery. Displays the charge level in the form of a three-step indication on the handle.

Convenient cleaning close to the edges

Cleaning without stains close to the edges thanks to the adjusting rollers located on the sides.

Professional House cleaning services in London using a vacuum cleaner and other equipment with the departure and guarantee a great result.